Our facilities

Blast Bays

There are 3 blast bays on the Westway facility all with automatic gritblast recovery systems enabling the operation to maintain optimum efficiency whilst effectively recycling the blast media.

Depending on the system and customers requirements a variety of grades of finish and blast profiles can be used, such as Chilled Iron Grit, Olivine, Garnet, Steel shot or Aluminium Oxide.

The company boasts the largest blast bay available for commercial surface preparation capable of blasting the largest structures.

Olivine : A natural mineral abrasive which contains no free silica, ideal for blasting stainless steel and special alloys

Chilled Iron (S330) :A very recyclable material which breaks down on impact. It creates a rapid cleaning action and is used in our Tilgmans Wheelabrater

Glass bead: A very versatile material used for De-burring, Decarbonisiing, and Mould and Die cleaning

Paint Hall

We have two paint halls with a floor area of 36,000 square feet in each bay with full length crane cover, one way through put system, and our unique tractor and trailer loading faclities for larger or intricate loads. 

We can carry out epoxy painting, glass flake, intumescant, and anti fouling paint systems.


For tubular and structural steel the company utilises its full automatic Tihlman Wheelabrator which produces an even surface clean and profile with minimal operator input providing a fast and consistent result.

Pangborn Machine

For plates and larger fabricated steel with an inbuilt blower and brush system.


Coating Services


We are supported by the world's leading coatings specialists who provide qualified chemists for on site back up around the world.

They have industry recognised nspecton certificates (Iccor and Nace) and working with them we offer a range of servces that includes:

  • On Site Inspections
  • Corrosion Surveys
  • Advice on Specifications
  • Guidance on Methods of Application