Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas has been the cornerstone of Scottish Industry for the past three decades, and as the sectors experience has grown so has the demands and opportunities.

The North Sea provides some of the harshest conditions and subsequently some of the biggest challenges for coatings providers.

Whether its topside or sub-sea, Clyde Corrosion Control will assist in finding the best coatings system to meets the rigours of the environment that the asset will be working extending the valuable assets' life expectancy.


The Nuclear Industry by its very nature brings its own set of challenges, with extremely tight specifications and high demands for conformity the coatings system has to be the very best.

With Nuclear power stations refurbishments having to be completed in very tight timescales with no margin for error, Clyde Corrosion Control has ensured that it is best positioned to meet these demands.


To cope with the demands of the volume of structural steel currently being used as Scotland rebuilds its aging housing and educational stocks had meant that Clyde Corrosion Control has invested in an automated blast chamber which is designed to process steel to a high quality but with a high degree of operational efficiency. This investment has put Clyde Corrosion Control at the forefront of a key Industry sector in Scotland for many years to come.


The Renewables sector has been held up as the way forward for Scotland's drive towards clean and affordable energy. Huge investment has been committed to the sector and with the experience gained in developing coatings systems in the Oil and Gas sector the Renewables market will meet the challenge of harsh environmental conditions by utilising the capabilities and experience built up at Clyde Corrosion Control.